Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

July 28, 2014

It's a common TV trope -- two girls walk into the room wearing the same outfit and shock and embarrassment ensue. But we RF girls love to bask in the glory of unwittingly twinning. Sure, raised eyebrows flow from passers by, but for us, it is a badge of honor as true fashion BFFs and also an exercise in our psychic powers.  Easy, lightweight denim was obviously on our minds, but so were our lime green FYT & Co backpacks. We have a bit of a rucksack obsession  at the moment, not only because it allows us to swing our arms freely as we frolic through parks in the English summer heat, but also because they help ease the weight of our packrat tendencies, while simultaneously making us look and feel like cold-blooded super heroes. 

Tales of the Unexpected

July 23, 2014

Usually when summer trends are announced, there is a collective sigh of "again", as floral and brights, fail to feel exciting. But this season it was different, as fabrics not typically associated with summer made our hearts stir - leather, fur and sweatshirt fabric joined forces with the hitherto forbidden combination of socks and sandals in a most unexpected summer outfit.

Flamingo Sweatshirt - H&M
Dinosaur Ring - H&M
Mint Green Fuzzy Clutch - ASOS
White Leather Dindrl - Zara
Sparkly Socks - ASOS
White Flatforms - c/o Missguided

Motel Rocks: Flowerpuff Girls

July 20, 2014

When we lived in Japan, we found ourselves intrigued by the pack mentality of the girls when it came to fashion. Their approach to clothes was more Musketeers than Spice Girls, very much, "All For One And One For All" and you would never see a group of girls wearing styles from different trends. We developed nicknames for the tribes - there was he Tree Dwelling Group, who were bedecked entirely in muslin of varying shades of brown and beige. The Trashy Hondoori Girls, black and neon pink with visible suspender belts and shoes more akin to stilts, was their uniform of choice. Not to mention the Pastel Princesses, who set off every outfit with a prim and proper cardigan and pearl jewellery. Suffice to say, we grew rather fond of the tribes and so when Motel Rocks very kindly sent us a pair of matching dresses, we channeled our inner Harajuku girls and tribed up to form the Flowerpuff Girls!

Short Hair, Don't Care Pt. 1

July 16, 2014

After desperately trying to grow out my hair for my wedding last year, I am now inexplicably obsessed with short hair. I remember measuring and photographing my hair growth process and getting clip-in extensions to try and fill out my mane, but it was such a painfully long process. And now that I have no sort of hair time crunch, my hair is growing like a weed and has returned to glorious state of health like that of pre-Japanese straightening (NEVER AGAIN!). I am still trying to grow out my fringe, which appears to be the only section of hair that doesn't want to grow quite as quickly. 

My obsession is only made worse by friends with adorable bobbed hair (I'm looking at you, Miriam!). I don't know what it is, but something about short hair recently just looks so chic and fashionable. I've been faux-bobbing my hair a couple times a week so test out if the length would flatter my face and so far my results have positive! Check out this easy hair tutorial if you want to try it out yourself. 
I'm still contemplating when exactly I may cut my locks, or even at all, but in the mean time, I've found some pretty hairspiration on the internets which makes my want to run across the street to the hair salon that I live directly across from. To be continued. . . ?!

Sale of the Century

July 12, 2014

One man's trash is another man's treasure - A universal truth that is never more applicable than when discussing sale shopping. The sales are pretty much the shopping equivalent of Tinder; they require a great deal of time and patience, plus there is every likelihood that you will bear witness to something that will literally burn your retinas. 
Shopping the sales can make you feel like Ariel, trawling an abandoned shipwreck in the hope of finding a new thingy-me-bob to add to your collection. However, if you're patient enough, you could find a real diamond in the rough (yes we are aware that we're mixing Disney metaphors). The sale is the the perfect time to either pick up those things that you loved, but that seemed too outlandish and unwearable when full price, or having done some research, stock up on pieces that will still be relevant come next season. Just keep in mind the general rule of thumb, if you wouldn't have looked at it when it was full price, then step away from it immediately. Now, go forth and prosper. 

We have dragged the proverbial ocean floor and managed to unearth the following treasures.  

Siobhan's Sale Shopping

Our Vegas Style

July 10, 2014

It seems that everyone is going on holiday lately and we are turning a little green with envy, being the travel lovers that we are. Plus, we could seriously use some Vitamin D in our lives. The shock and horror -- Siobhan has purchased her first bottle of gradual self-tanner in her apparent assimilation into English life. One location that we have dreams of going to together is Las Vegas! Neither of us have been before, but the allure of warmth, shopping and night life seem right up our alley! In association with Vegas.com, we have drummed up some outfits that we would wear if we were staying at the Aria Las Vegas Hotel. And of course they are centered around our summertime favorite -- the culotte trouser!

Lunch Attire @ Lemongrass
#MyVegasStyle Lunch Outfit

Tokyo POP!

July 7, 2014

Miriam and I have a slight phone accessory obsession. At the height of our obsession we regularly visited phone deco shops in Japan, and hoarded Hello Kitty, Barbie, and Poodle charms to permanently glue to our phones. We also had strings upon strings of Japanese landmark phone chains that dangled daintily from our clamshell phones. 

Nowadays, it's nice to be able to change up our cases depending on our mood, but our mood for our phone accessories is usually one of kawaii quirkiness. One fine day, while shopping in the Topshop at Oxford Circus, we saw a glittering beacon of light that happened to be the Skinny Dip London stand. Every thing was bejeweled, holographic and lucite -- the basic three elements that Miriam's and my body are composed of. Indeed, it was love at first sight and now Skinny Dip London accessorizes my iPad Mini and iPhone! Knowing how much we love Skinny Dip, we were fortunate enough to receive some new adorable cases from them to sate our obsession. My transparent Pop art-inspired case is the apple of my magpie eye and Miriam's ice cream case looks so sweet!