The 90s Lip: Swatches & Tips

February 23, 2015

So, I admit that I have a bit of a problem... in that I have obsession with all varieties of the quintessential 90's lip. Now, I will begrudgingly give Kylie Jenner some credit for re-introducing me to the glory of a lip-plumping browny-nude. And I say 're-introducing' because I was borderline obsessed with Kevyn Aucoin's 'Making Faces' book as a preteen and remember using a tube of medium red-brown Wet-n-Wild lipstick to the veritable bone in 1999. 

But now, older-wiser-smarter (?) Siobhan has learned a lot more about this enviable lip look and I have come bearing gifts (lip swatches) and tips! 

Tip 1: Before you do anything moisturize your lips with a lip balm. Do the rest of our makeup while your slug absorb the moisture and then wipe off the excess lip balm. You don't want a thick base of lip balm because it will inhibit the pigmentation of the lipstick and cause lip liner to slide around. 

Denim Crushes

February 18, 2015

Reports that The Canadian Tux was the main inspiration for Sonia Rykiel, Stella McCartney and Kenzo remain unconfirmed

Denim as a trend seems like a bit of an oxymoron, as this fabric has come to be essential. I think that there are few wardrobes that are free from at least a few shades of blue, in fact I challenge any of you to get through a ratchet Sunday without a pair of jeans! Whist jeans are vital to cowboys and normos alike, the denim seen on catwalks for SS15 was more of the head to toe variety. Yet it wasn't just the volume of denim, which was remarkable, but the variety too. From the beautiful, minimal kimono-sleeved shirts at Kenzo, to the embellishment at Sonia Rykiel, the denim on show was a far cry from normcore's reign of boring terror - while the fabric itself can be considered a basic, what the designers have done with it was far from so. There was an over-arching 70s vibe and it is safe to say that, this season, denim has smartened up - repair those rips forthwith! But you know, fashion isn't totally dictatorial, feel free to choose your wash, as long as it's not bleach-splattered. Never bleach-splattered.

50 Shades of Grey - The RF Edition

February 12, 2015

So, there seems to be quite a lot of noise surrounding the film adaptation of a certain book; there has been as much excitement as there has outcry and in one way or another, people seem to be getting a bit hot under the collar. Well not us, we have either been blessed or cursed, depending on your perspective, with incredibly literal brains and with no intention of seeing said film, in case it dilutes our ardour for Jamie Doran even a smidge, we present to you what 50 Shades of Grey means to us.

Après-ski on Regent Street

February 8, 2015

One half of RF has mastered the art of snowboarding, the other one threw a really quite impressive tantrum - we're talking legs flailing and ski poles waving - at the top of a mountain when she attempted skiing for the first time. Suffice to say it was the wrong half who found herself at Napapijri's Après-ski Party. An Italian, premium, outerwear brand, which apparently has an affinity with Norway - fair enough though, who doesn't find themselves wishing they were at least a little bit Scandi - Napapijri, has opened it's first UK store on bustling Regent Street. 

To celebrate, they threw an in store event and I dragged along my long suffering friend Jemima , for a DJ set by Little Boots (confusingly, not my little sister), mulled cider and some embarrassing photo booth snaps. 

Style Icon: Bianca Jagger

February 6, 2015

Whenever the 70s are referenced sartorially, they can leave the occasionally misanthropic among us feeling incredibly uncomfortable; The thought of dippy, hippy style with all the peace and love that the style implies can feel a little fraudulent.  But the 70s trend doesn't have to mean tassels, beading and those god awful Pocahontas boots, instead shift your gaze from the fields of fringing to the glitz of the Studio 54 glitter ball.

Our spirit animal for this side of the 70s trend has to got to be Bianca Jagger, never has anyone managed to look so glamorous and carefree at the very same time. This is a woman who made riding a horse into a club seem casual.
Having given this more thought that we would care to admit, we have concluded that were Bianca Jagger's spirit to be distilled into a piece of clothing, it would be the jumpsuit. Despite the loo based difficulties that the jumpsuit presents, it somehow manages to be nonchalant in a way that a dress could never dream of being. If the jumpsuit were to have clunky tagline, it would be I look fabulous but I'm not even trying.

The 70s revival sees certain brands really coming into their own, major snaps go to Halston Heritage - who can be credited with reinventing the jumpsuit - for their Studio 54 inspired pieces. And Diane Von Furstenberg, whose Wrap Dresses had previously caused us all manner of convulsions - I mean honestly, the thought of wearing something purely because it's flattering, did you ever hear anything quite so ridiculous? - really shines when the silhouette is transferred to something with legs. The look becomes a lot less, just been spewed out of an episode of  What Not To Wear, and more relaxed, easy glamour. Now Dancing Queens, grab a jumpsuit, adopt a devil may care attitude and go forth to cut some serious shapes.

From left to right, because that seems sensible:
Black Wrap Jumpsuit: Diane Von Furstenberg
Long Colored Jumpsuit: Zara
Satin Trimmed Jumpsuit: Halston Heritage
Lori Jumpsuit: Diane Von Furtensburg
Crepe Jumpsuit with Bow Back: Zara

Flared or Scared? Pt. 1

January 28, 2015

It feels like a century ago, somewhere around 2003, but I vividly remember during a conversation of fashion analysis with my other fashion bestie, Nick, that I vehemently denounced the rise of the skinny jean and vowed to hold true to flared jeans 4ever. Fast forward approximately 10 years in the future and I am now slightly frightened of the resurgence of the flared pant and clinging tightly to my skinnies and peg leg trousers. But maybe Miriam and I will have to institute a new fashion resolution for 2015, so that we RF girls will give flares a chance. Fortunately, there are many variations on the trend and the flowing wide-leg trousers actually seem very enticing -- it's just the curvy flared bootcut jeans that have been giving me nightmares. But maybe we can channel chibi-Siobhan and chibi-Miriam circa the early 2000's and remember why we loved them so! Let's peruse some fashion inspiration and see what this trend can do. 

Derek Lam SS15
Now we know everyone has been pushing the 70s trend down our gullets for SS15, but Derek Lam's take on the voluminous trouser is a good mix of minimalism and the 70s spirit that we can take with a without a spoonful of sugar.

Saint Laurent SS15
We can definitely handle flared trousers when it's the form of playful power suiting. However, we are still utterly reeling from the realities of cyclical nature of fashion. If "we used to wear that when I was teenager" is a fashion badge of honor then we have totally earned it. Right down to the damn tightly tied scarf!

Olivia Palermo, the unofficial flares ambassador, gently brings us closer to the dark side. When it comes to flared jeans, it will be darker washes that will be at the fore front. 

Okay, maybe we can handle the looseness at our ankles and the air gliding around our calves as long as we remember that style icon, Jane Birkin, rocked the hell out of flared trousers. Yes, let Birkin be your spirit guide as we foray into SS15 -- we will make through everyone just put your skinnies in a box to the left for now. 

In our part two, we will be showing some potential ways to wear the flare! Stay tuned. 

Style Icon: TLC

January 23, 2015

Waterfalls of happiness descended when we heard that TLC, who ain't too proud to beg, had received more than sufficient funding, via Kickstarter, to record one final album. The thought of the 90s without TLC is frankly inconceivable and so it seems only right that their album should be launched while the shops are brimming with as much nostalgia as fashion. Although sometimes erring on the unpretty side, the return of the 90s has proved to be unstoppable and so we have put together our own crazy, sexy, cool wishlists. (Snaps if you can identify all the song titles in there)

Siobhan's TLC-Inspired Wishlist
TLC-Inspired Wish List
Left to Right, Top to Bottom:
Omega Jeans - Cheap Monday
Silk Cropped Blouse - Topshop
Black Sports Underwear - Calvin Klein
Caged Ball Earrings - ASOS
Lipstick - MAC
Silver Sliders - Dolce Vita

Miriam's TLC-Inspired Wishlist

Clockwise from Left : 
Crop Top - Monki
Faux Leather Shorts  -  Zara
White Sports Socks - Nike
Fringed Duffle Bag - Nasir Mazhar
Tiny Hoop Earrings - & Other Stories
Elastic Strap Sandals - Topshop